G2 Art Mode

G2 adds dozens of new lighting options to LightWave, but also includes a special new mode that doesn't use lighting at all! This unique non-photoreal "Art Mode" provides a unique alternative way to create object appearances.

There are no lights. No shadows. No specular or diffuse. No texture mapping. Instead, you draw, paint, photograph, or sketch an image of a single sphere. That sketch is enough to teach G2 the material's appearance.

This technique is even taught in traditional art schools. By drawing a single sphere, a traditional artist creates a reference for himself to compare shading and highlights to. G2's Art Mode is just the same; you draw the appearance, and G2 copies that look onto your 3D objects.

It's a lot of fun to be brought back into a visual, not mathematical, way of making your object appear the way you like, especially since you can use the G2 preview system to tweak your settings interactively!