G2 Interactive Boosts

Boosting a property like diffuse or specularity may not sound impressive. But G2 gives extra control over these changes, including global changes to all objects simultaneously. Add G2's realtime feedback and you can find the exact values to perfect your surfaces literally in seconds.

The cow scene shown in the session animation to the right takes 20 minutes to render because it uses LightWave's radiosity. Imagine trying to tweak its surface properties when every change takes 20 more minutes to check! With G2, feedback is immediate, as easy as the animation shows.

But G2 also allows control over new surface properties beyond LightWave's. You can control the strength of radiosity and ambient lighting per surface. LightWave's Light Exclusion is extended to allow partial exclusion instead of LightWave's all-or-nothing. Even the opacity of shadows can be changed to soften them into partial intensity. Bump mapping can be tweaked per surface or even per-scene.

Studios are especially excited with G2's addition of light groups which allow per-light, per-object boosting. Interactively boost the effect of a light for just one character, without changing the lighting for the rest of the scene.