G2 Compositing Tools

Compositing a 3D object into an image should be simple, but it's usually not! Just making a realistic shadow appear on a background plate is not easy. But G2 includes several tools for making composites inside LightWave much easier.

G2 includes the same "Luminous Shadow Darkening" tool available in Sasquatch. This tool has served for years as the easiest way to make composited objects cast shadows inside of background plates. G2's version is similar, but uses G2's interactive preview! Plus, G2's comparison mode makes it easy to match plate shadow colors and intensities.

G2 also features a full film grain modeler, adding customized grain effects into your rendered imagery to match film stock grain. (Or just add it for effect!) The grain behavior can be completely defined interactively with G2's preview. This single G2 feature is an enhanced version of the $200 Film Grain package distributed by Newtek from 1995 to 1999.