G2 Image Processing

Tweaking brightness and gamma can often polish the final appearance of an image after rendering. G2 adjusts different image processing effects from right inside LightWave, interactively displaying in G2's preview. Unlike Photoshop, G2 works directly with LightWave's highest precision internal colors, before they're squeezed down to lower quality 24 bit saved images.

The high internal precision also allows G2 to combat the huge problem of intensity clipping, where pixels become so bright that they "blow out" to pure white or even change hue. G2's flexible Gamut Control smoothly rolls off high intensities to keep very bright details visible and realistic.

G2 also allows "per surface" image processing for adjusting surface hues and saturation. The surface colors can also be randomly varied when an object is copied . This can add natural (or wildly unique) variation to object clones. Your forest may only use one tree model, but at least each copy won't have an identical color. Use one car model to fill a parking lot with different shades. Cover a landscape using just one rock with a thousand different appearances!