G2 Raw Pixel Info

G2's preview can even show detailed information about any pixel of your image. What's the exact color? How bright is the specular highlight? What lights are causing the most effect? The exact details are shown in the optional floating pixel Info window.

If you've ever used Photoshop's Info window to learn the color or X Y position of a pixel in an image, imagine how useful it is to learn the exact effect of everything for any pixel in your image, just by moving the mouse over it. See the precise effects of each light on any point. Find if specularity is dominating the diffuse shading. Check if image processing changes shades.

If you are trying to match LightWave's shading to some reference (like a background or composite plate), G2's special "comparison" mode allows you to specify a desired color for different pixels. G2 will track any differences from that desired goal and help guide your lighting and surface changes to create those matches.