Realtime preview

If you own the FPrime render engine, you can bypass LightWave's renderer completely and get constant real time renders of your LightWave scene. The complete suite of G2's tools works seamlessly with the FPrime renderer. To the right are some workflow videos showing the FPrime/G2 connection.

Even without FPrime, G2's own preview system captures the information from your LightWave F9 render and then gives you instant lighting, shading, and surfacing feedback as you tweak your render to perfection. Just drag your mouse to watch an attribute change and stop when the image looks the way you want it to! No need to hit F9 again except to see changes that require new rays to be fired, like camera moves or shadow updates and to create your final LightWave render.

The animation to the right shows G2's preview system in action. You'll see lights being edited, and shadow, reflection, and diffuse properties modified, all in realtime. G2's per-pixel information readout shows a table's ugly "blown out" brightness. G2's gamut control is activated to repair the overbright areas without changing the lighting or brightness of the rest of the image.