G2 New Shading

Real life surfaces have much more subtlety and variety than you can create with LightWave's built in shading. G2 extends LightWave's shading controls with a score of new abilities.

New Shading Models. Add multiple layers, independent colors, new highlight falloffs, anisotropy, and retroreflection. Extend rim lighting to "creep" around to the backside of objects. Even adjust bump maps differently for diffuse, specularity, and reflection.

Accurate Soft Reflections Mirror-like reflections are useful, but real materials can have soft or glossy reflections too. G2 adds nonlinear reflection, special reflection tinting, anisotropy, and independent control over environment versus raytraced effects.

Area Lights LightWave has area light support built in G2 completely supports these light types but uses its own algorithm to accurately compute area light shading without noise or speckles. G2's area shadow noise is comparable to LightWave's in most cases, but are dramatically superior in situations with very large lights.

Glass Modeling LightWave's refraction uses doubled geometry to set refraction on the inside and outside surfaces. G2 removes the need for this extra model layer.