G2 Skin

Human skin is really tough to recreate in 3D! It is not a simple diffuse or specular surface. Instead, light penetrates into the translucent skin and bounces around inside before exiting. This creates the characteristic "soft glow" of skin that is so unlike the harsher shading of opaque surfaces like stone or metals.

G2's renderer simulates the way light scatters through these translucent layers of tissue and blood. It brings fast, accurate, layered subsurface scattering simulation to LightWave. (Geeky details)

Since G2's simulation is tuned to human skin, you don't need to look up numbers in reference books and scientific papers (like we did) but instead edit "artist-friendly" settings. Color texture maps define skin thickness and characteristics in an intuitive way.

And G2's skin shading is still fast enough to accurately preview in realtime. It's easy to tweak the appearance when the preview shows changes instantly as you make them.