G2 Subsurface Scattering

In 1992, supporting transparent materials was a really Big Deal in 3D rendering. LightWave 2.0's raytracing support was an amazing advance.

But real world objects are a lot more complex than window glass! The wax of a candle softly shines from the light that travels through it. Your ears glow when sunlight backlights them. The plastic in your sunglasses, the coffee in your styrofoam cup, and even your eyeballs react to light that enters their translucent surface, bounces around the interior, and finally exits.

G2 arms you with this dramatic new "Subsurface Scattering" lighting effect. These new G2 materials react naturally to interior light scattering. This light simulation (geeky details) is in addition to G2's layer subsurface shading used for modeling human skin.

G2's subsurface scattering engine is highly optimized, and fast enough to be used in G2's interactive previews. You can see the effect of changes to the many scattering options immediately and remove frustrating guesswork and annoying repeated render tests when finding your perfect appearance.

No other tool for any renderer shares G2's subsurface lighting power and interactivity. Watch the animation of the live session and see how easy it is.