Acid allows a LightWave object to "paint" attributes onto surfaces. Moving the painting object causes trails to be left on surfaces it passes. The Acid plugin can affect all the surface attributes including bump mapping, enabling a huge range of intense effects.

Each effector can be positioned, sized, stretched, and rotated. You can leave a history "trail" behind the effector to leave tire ruts or paint trails, or make a creeping boundary of burning acid damage expand over time.

Acid also applies a variety of fractal noise algorithms. Do you want to add blast damage? Use multiple color gradients with bump mapping leaving a deep pockmarked crater, all with just one plugin. Animated "bleeding" allows you to make paint or water that oozes from its original boundary over time.

Acid's includes over 50 fully animatable parameters. Its fully interactive integrated multithreaded preview allows easy adjustment of settings without frequent re-rendering tests.