The Henry Clay Bonus Collection

EdgeRGB: The EdgeRGB tool adds a rim of color around the outside edge of objects. This view-dependent coloring is useful for special effects that add a halo around edges. It can also be used to increase or decrease the contrast between an object and its background.

ObjBlur: ObjBlur overrides LightWave's normal motion blur on an object by object basis. It can make "Extended Blurs" which can range forward and/or backwards in time by any number of frames. It can make a special "Frozen in Time" effect where an object appears to be simply hanging in space even if the camera rotates around it.

Polypop: Polypop makes an object dissolve into a scene in a blatantly "computery" way. Polypop does this by making individual, random, polygons pop in or out of existence. This allows you to fade an object into a scene on a polygon by polygon basis.

Diffuser: Diffuser adds random offsets to an object's position and/or rotation channels. Unlike a jitter, these are cumulative variations from the object's base keyframes, so it's quite possible for the object to "wander off" and never return to its original position. You can keyframe the diffusion velocities over time. Included in the James K. Polk collection.

Unveil: The Unveil tool makes a "sphere of transparency" around the camera. It is designed to allow the camera to fly through objects without "popping" through surfaces, especially when using transparent fractal noise planes for fake fog. Included in the James K. Polk collection.

SuperQ: SuperQ is a displacement plugin for transforming spheres into rounded-edge cubes, rounded cylinders, and diamonds. Included in the James K. Polk collection.

Rayleigh: Rayleigh is a simple fog tool that allows each of the RGB channels to have a separate fog falloff distance. This allows bluing of distant objects and is useful for atmospheres and underwater. It has a real time preview of the effect on your scene in its interface.

PathAlign: The PathAlign tool is a more powerful version of LightWave's Align To Path. It allows you to have any axis aligned, not just +Z. It can also align to acceleration, or any blend of velocity and acceleration. It can cross fade the path alignment with the base keyframed alignment with the strength control.

BladeBlur: BladeBlur is a surface shader for making blurred propeller blades. It applies transparency to propeller disks, making proper motion-blurred gaps with customizable appearances and automatic rotation and motion blurring.

VelAccel: VelAccel allows you to keyframe object velocities and accelerations instead of positions, making smooth parabolic arcs easy. It can also be useful to accelerate cars or other vehicles, since keyframing a smooth acceleration is difficult.