Instant Dynamics

Real fur and hair move. Without natural swaying and motion, fur can look fake, like it's made from stiff wire. We've researched different ways of computing fur dynamics, and developed a new method which provides terrific results. But even better, our fur dynamics do not require precomputation. Other products require you to freeze; or pregenerate megabytes of data, which is awkward, wastes RAM and disk space, and causes ScreamerNet hassles. Our method uses no noticeable computing overhead yet makes completely realistic reactions to acceleration and rotation. You can render any frame of the animation in any order. The limitation of this method is that these dynamics don't collide with other objects.


Sasquatch fur and grass can react to steady wind, gusty wind, and blowdryer like fans that let objects or lights affect nearby fur. Wind can be sculpted to bend around buildings, form vortices, and change direction over time.

Long Hair Dynamics

Long hair uses more complex dynamics to simulate the wide range of tangling, slipping, and swaying that is possible. Sasquatch allows you to animate long hair using a variety of methods you're familiar with already, including bones, morphing, displacement plugins, Motion Designer, Messiah, Morph Gizmo, and WhirleyPoints. In addition, Sasquatch long hair can be animated with LightWave's arbitrary object collision dynamics: there's no need to set up any collision spheres.