Long Hair

Styling with Familiar Tools

Sasquatch makes photoreal hairstyles, including braids, long flowing hair, parts, knots, and short hair. It avoids the frustrating limitations of difficult-to-style, hard-wired hairstyles by allowing you to sculpt hair using simplified guides right in LightWave Modeler. You're not limited to simple bending or pushing the hair; you can use all of Modeler's tools to shape, cut, and style it. When rendered, Sasquatch renders thousands (or millions!) of fully volumetric virtual strands, filling the spaces between the guides.

This removes all limits to your hair styling.If you can imagine it, you can make it! Braids. Princess Lea buns. Long hair wrapped around your waist. Knots. Bobs. Pigtails. Straight hair. Curly hair. Anything.

You can even build guides from scratch in Modeler.