Sasquatch has an advanced rendering algorithm at its heart which very different than methods used anywhere else. Using a mathematical technique called a BSP tree, Sasquatch can efficiently render fibers at extremely high speeds.

Fast and Smart Rendering

Below is a landscape with 1.2 million strands of grass. Sasquatch rendered the beautiful view of the grass in the large image below in just 26 seconds on our dual Celeron 450 machine. A worst-case view of the grass, which shows every fiber, takes only 40 seconds. A closeup of the grass becomes much faster, since Sasquatch knows that most of the strands are out of view, and takes only 8 seconds.

Smart Rendering

The above images used 14 MB of RAM. Sasquatch does not use extra RAM for complex scenes. A scene with 10 times as many blades of grass would use the same amount. This makes extremely detailed fur practical even on modest machines.

Sasquatch is fully multithreaded. A dual CPU machine really will render twice as fast!

Another example of Sasquatch's speed is shown at the right. This closeup of zebra hide was rendered at a resolution of 640 by 480, using LightWave's maximum quality setting of 17-pass Enhanced High with no adaptive sampling. Sasquatch rendered the image in less than 10 seconds including all 17 rendering passes.

Rendering Engine Features

Sasquatch's rendering engine is integrated with LightWave's. Sasquatch fully supports fog, transparency, motion blur, depth of field, and field rendering. Other hair tools simply fail when your character is behind a windshield, in a foggy cloud, or just wearing glasses.

Shadow Compositing

Of course Sasquatch can cast and receive LightWave shadows. But professional rendering also requires the ability to composite shadows.Sasquatch has a special shadow mode which easily lets you integrate shadows into photographs. This is done in one rendering pass so you don't need to run through a second program to process the shadows using extra alpha masks.

This mode makes it easy to add fur and hair to real photographs and video. Your monsters will integrate seamlessly with the real ground, floor, or characters.