Sasquatch Hair, Fur and Grass System

Sasquatch adds unrivaled hair and fur effects to LightWave 3D. Under development for over 4 years, it's now finally available to all professional animators! The links on the left will guide you on a full tour of its features.

Powerful: Sasquatch integrates its own photoreal hair rendering engine into LightWave. Over 50 texturable controls give you precise control over the style, color, and shading of fur and hair.

Easy: You can set up and render a landscape or furry creature in less than three minutes! Automatic fur styling makes combing easy. Long hair modeling, styling, and animating is straightforward because it uses the tools you already know!

Dependable: We care about quality. We don't ship beta software and make you an unpaid software tester! You won't waste your time fighting with unreliable software.

Unmatched: Frankly, Sasquatch contains so many abilities, it's hard to compare it to other packages, since none has the range of options Sasquatch offers. For quality, speed, versatility, and reliability, Sasquatch is simply unrivaled.

Visit the links on the left to see a tour of Sasquatch's features. It will convince you that you need Sasquatch in your own artwork!