Color and Shading

Powerful Color Tools

Real fur and hair can be richly colored. Shading is especially varied, since light reacts to fur in many complex ways. After study and research, we've developed the algorithms needed to capture this richness in LightWave. You can see an example below of a real photo of the back of a lar gibbon (a kind of monkey) with a rich orange pelt. Notice the color and brightness variation, and how backlighting illuminates the hair, especially on the head. Sasquatch has the power to match these effects and more! Sasquatch has over a dozen color controls. This may seem like overkill, but it allows Sasquatch to match the complex coloration of even the wildest fur and hair.

Sasquatch Coloring

Realistic Shading


Shading is also very configurable (and texturable!) Fur and hair are have particularly subtle lighting behaviors, but Sasquatch can reproduce them perfectly. Backlighting is particularly important for fur and hair, but as the yeti image shows, Sasquatch can handle it!

Sasquatch also self shadows, which is critical for photorealism. You can see a mass of fibers in the example below. Self-shadowing is activated on the right, giving the fibers a rich, deep appearance.

Self Shadowing

Interactive Preview

Sasquatch Preview

It may seem daunting to control so many color and shading options, but it's actually very simple. Sasquatch has a full real-time preview of its color, shading, and texturing effects. Similar to VIPER in LightWave, this method provides instant feedback as you change color or shading settings, allowing you to easily make a perfect appearance.