Camera Match

The most realistic image in the world is a real one! But aligning LightWave objects with photographs is much, much harder to do than it may seem. To the right is a photograph of a real cabinet and a LightWave model with the same dimensions.

If you render the LightWave cabinet so that it matches the view of the cabinet in the photograph, you can perform many tricks including compositing and photo-texturing with Sticky FP . But matching a photograph's view is very, very hard! The image to the right shows a wireframe cabinet superimposed over the real photograph. Even with patient manipulation, it is virtually impossible to find the proper camera position, rotation, and zoom. Notice the mismatch at the corners!

Taft's Camera Match plugin solves this otherwise impossible task By using mathematical optimization, it finds the absolutely best match for your scene. In the image to the right, notice the wireframe aligns perfectly with the photographed cabinet.

If you ever composite, Camera Match will not just save you days of tedious frustration, but will allow you to do shots which are simply impossible manually.

A caveat: Camera Match is designed for use only with photographs, not animations. Animated camera tracking is significantly different and far more specialized.

CamerMatch interface