Sticky Front Projection

Photographs show real details that have to be built manually in 3D. A streak of dirt, a rust stain, or a crack in plaster each add realism but take time and effort to recreate. Image maps can help considerably, but simple mapping often looks like a simple decal.

One answer to this problem is "image based rendering." It uses real photographs but simple geometry to build photoreal objects. The difficult part is applying the photograph to the object to match its shape and surface. This is exactly the task StickyFP was designed for.

The example animation on the upper left uses a single picture to define the doors, walls, and tile floor of a porch. The geometry is simply four rectangular polygons! StickyFP combined with Camera Match lets you recreate the scene in 3D. The truck animation to the left is also defined by a single photograph, yet you can move the camera into and around the image.

You can also build object surfaces with multiple photographs. The cabinet on the left uses two photographs to map all sides of the object seamlessly.

StickyFP has the power to change the way you build objects. Arm yourself with a digital camera and transform your animations with photoreal objects!

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