Gunfire is simple in LightWave. You just keyframe each shot moving away from a gun, right?

It may be simple, but it's a huge problem. Imagine firing 100 shots... how long will it take you to set up those keyframes? And what happens when you want to change your aim later? And add a second gun? Arrrgh!! Keyframing those simple shots takes days-- a bigger job than modeling and animating everything else!

Tracer is designed for automatic weapons fire. Shoot thousands of rounds! Launch fireballs, sizzling lasers, flame or old fashioned lead at your favorite targets. Tracer was written for Starship Troopers, and it's served Foundation Imaging reliably without a misfire.

If you need to make gunfire or lasers, even once, Tracer will make it simple and easy!

View the new Tracer features in the free Taft 2.0 update