Whirley Points

Animation is about motion. Many real world objects bend and deform when they're moved- paper flutters when you drop it, a cloth wrinkles, and a double chin bounces while walking. These effect of "soft dynamics" are everywhere!

LightWave 6 comes with the terrific Motion Designer for full dynamics simulation. But often you want something simpler, more interactive, and quicker to apply, test, and tweak. This is what Whirleypoints is for. WhirleyPoints applies fast, real-time dynamics to your object (or parts of your object). It features an interactive OpenGL preview of your object motion, showing the result of your settings in real time.

With Whirleypoints, you can make objects move more naturally, adding another of those small details that distinguish great animators from hobbyists.

View the new Whirley Points features in the free Taft 2.0 update