Latest Taft version is 2.0


New Features

  • All tools now have movable windows for easier use. Tracer, Hoser, Whirleypoints and StickyFP are now nonmodal.

New Features in Hoser

  • New support for multiple control nulls, allowing much more complex shapes and animations.
  • Support for defining a hose's start position and direction with a control null, so you can make a single "octopus" object and control each arm with a different Hoser instance.
  • Side distance limits so you can define limited regions to "hose" without affecting more distant parts of the geometry.
  • Useful for the octopus effect.
  • New smoothing options.
  • Extrude along length.
  • Interactive Layout feedback as values are changed.

New Features in WhirleyPoints

  • S panel application strength
  • OpenGL window can be toggled on and off
  • Pick map Point selection.
  • Can use other objects to make wiggles
  • Drooping support
  • OpenGL window is much better behaved
  • Interactive Layout feedback as values are changed.

New Features in Tracer

  • Multiple guns can be picked at once
  • New gravity option allows arcing shots
  • Much much much faster rendering
  • Shot attributes can be time animated.
  • More compact interface

New Features in StickyFP

  • Nonmodal, smaller interfacee
  • Now lists the surface + name it's applied to
  • Alpha channel support (with reverse)
  • Render camera choice
  • No need to render before freezing

Known Taft Bugs

  • Camera Match's GUI may not redraw the background of some gadgets after exporting a motion file.

Taft version 1.0 HM

New Features

  • PC minisliders now respond to tablets
  • Item picker buttons now have more informative labels and more room for item names<
  • The Mac now supports multithreading! This was particularly important for the StickyFP tool.

Bug Fixes

  • Mac minisliders now work fully, not stopping at the "edge"of the screen
  • Screamernet would sometimes fail! [Our one-line bug, fixed]
  • StickyFP no longer needs the "Threading Bug Workaround" button, so it's been removed.

Taft version 1.0 HC

New Features

  • Whirleypoints no longer uses max CPU to display at huge FPS when 60 is more than enough. The extra CPU makes the interface more responsive.

Bug Fixes

  • On the Mac, the Whirleypoints preview did not work with some video card drivers. Fixed!
  • PC Taft sometimes could not load all of the Taft settings from an object saved from a Mac. Fixed.
  • During Load From Scene, Taft would sometimes lose item references (items picked as parameter selections.) This is a LW bug, but we made a new workaround to avoid it, making load-from-scene more reliable.
  • Hoser would sometimes bend the last vertices of a very finely divided mesh incorrectly. Fixed.
  • CameraMatch is much more accurate, especially for cases where the sample points are nearly coplanar. This also fixes a crash when the points were exactly coplanar.
  • StickyFP would incorrectly move the mapped image if the pivot was moved. Fixed.
  • Heatwave's special buffer support used to only work in old LW 5.6. Now it works in LW 6 + 7. 1.0 is a good and value for the special buffer, but transparent objects need the special buffer value boosted to compensate.
  • Hoser would offset the hose geometry incorrectly if the hose's pivot point was moved. Fixed.

Taft version 1.0 DX

Bug Fixes

  • Embarassing crash when cut-and-pasting image maps fixed
  • Crash when using WhirleyPoints with a disabled parent bone (but active child) fixed..

Taft version 1.0 DW

New Features

  • Mac OSX version
  • Windows USB dongle support

Bug Fixes

  • Rare freeze when entering image picker multiple times fixed
  • Major Camera Match bug fixed. (Mac only)
  • Hoser crash when applied to a null object fixed.