About the Tutorials

These tutorials were designed to get you started using our plugins' powerful features. They assume the plugin in question is installed and you have a basic working knowledge of LightWave Layout.

These tutorials are in no way replacements for the official manual for each plugin. They are just examples of actually using the software. Ideally, you should read the plugin's manual first, follow the tutorial, then re-read the manual after you've gotten a feel for the way the controls work. This may seem a bit redundant, but the 30 minutes you spend on each tutorial will give you considerably more understanding of each of the plugin's features. This will immediately pay off in better results!

A final note. It's good to read through the tutorials, but no matter how expert you are, and how well you think you understand the tools, it's a good idea to do the tutorial anyway! Actually following the steps, not just reading about them, will teach you much more than you expect. If you're an old pro, then you can probably breeze though each tutorial in 15 minutes anyway, but even then you'll gain extra experience.

Surprisingly, this is especially true of the tutorials that don't interest you. These are the tutorials that force you to experiment with features you wouldn't explore by yourself, and in following the steps you may gain a larger appreciation of that topic you didn't think you cared about.

In any case, we offer these tutorials to help you use our tools better. We hope they expand your abilities, and help you create even more exciting images!

G2 Tutorials.. click on name to view

Subsurface Scattering

Rich Helvey takes a first look at this exciting G2 feature

Lighting Design

Nick Boughen shares some lighting desing stratgies using G2

Simulation Skin with G2

Syunichi Shirai tackles David Beckham
Sasquatch Tutorials.. click on name to view

Sasquatch Wig Making

A Sasquatch workshop by Stu Aitken

Sasquatch Fur Strategies

Rowsby 5 step process for the perfect fur design

SasLite/Sasquatch Comparison

Seiji Iseda Samurai warrior gets some hair.

Making Hairstyles with Fur Mode

Stuart Aitken shares his secrets for using fur mode for human hairstyles

Making Scales in Sasquatch

John Teska scales a Chinese dragon

Creating Realistic Animal Fur

Timoth Albee shares his double layer fur techniques

Experimental Sas Shading Technique

Timothy Albee extends Sas's shading options with a clever use of LightWave's Surface Baker.

Styling Brad Pitt

Akira Orikasa recreates Brad Pitt's hairstyle in Sas fur mode

Migrating Sasquatch Maps

Travel from weights to UV's and back with Timothy Albee

Wolf Painting

Another lesson from Sasquatch master Timothy Albee
Taft Tutorials.. click on name to view

Character Rigging with Hoser Part One

Part one of Mark Dunakin's innovative use of Hoser

Character Rigging with Hoser Part Two

Part two of Mark Dunakin's innovative use of Hoser.